Dr. Amar developed the revolutionary FAMI™ technique for fat grafting in 1997 which becomed the Non surgical face lift of the 2000. Now after nearly 1000 full face procedures and more than 50 courses all over the world, FAMI is becoming the fat transfer cutting edge used for pan facial rejuvenation.

In the near future, Dr Amar is going to offer videos of muscle injection one by one and clips of anatomical dissections as well.

All doctors interested by injecting the face instead of using the scalpel with the ultimate fat grafting called FAMI or AMAR technique will improve, learn or refine his or her skill by downloaded videos of each muscle injection separately with the anatomical background still and functional.

To be among the firsts to know about this offer send an email at and write "I AM INTERESTED".

Dr. Roger Amar, founder of FAMI™

Dr. Roger Amar www.amarclinic.es

Learn F.A.M.I.™ technique using autologous adipose stem cells

FAMI (non-invasive face lift) called "AMAR TECHNIQUE" because of the founder Dr Roger Amar has been developed for facial rejuvenation with the use of Stem Cells (Adults) from lipoaspirates. The fresh autologous mesenchymal tissues were systematically injected in muscles and under the periosteum with a patented instrumentation.

The FAMI INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY is dedicated to surgeons who wish to learn more about FAMI and the FAMI procedure.

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New! The FAMI Video Library online! How to inject the facial muscles and bones!

Whether you call it fat grafting, facial fat transfer, fat injection, stem cell facelift, face-lifting with adult stem cells or various other names, FAMI™ is the process of harvesting adult stem cells from your own fat and grafting them into the facial musculature for natural long lasting effect.

FAMI Charitable Foundation (FCF) and FAMI video Library

The FCF is an organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the FCF got the licence to use and protect the FAMI trade mark and the instruments'patent.

The future FAMI Video Library will be under the directorship of the FCF.

All the titles will be published as soon as they will be available.

A video presentation by Dr Roger Amar will be soon displayed on this website.